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This is an outstanding hunting lodge for pheasant. Expertly run down to the last detail.Great people, great accommodations & great food! A once in a lifetime hunting experience. Loaded with birds!

- Frank C.


Big thanks to Doug and all his guides for a great couple days of hunting. First class all the way! Just great down home guys that work hard to provide a great experience. Can’t wait to take my boys back!


- Darin K.


Very nice lodge, easy to reach from the airport, fantastic down-home-cooked meals, and modern comforts (satellite TV, WiFi). And the property is chock loaded with wildlife. But I have to say - the best attribute of DWW is the service. I’ve hunted for years so I have perspective. But we had a good number of people in our crew that had never even shot a gun before. They had the entire group acclimated, SAFE, and gunning down birds within the first two hours of our trip. Thanks to Doug and the entire crew for a world class experience.

- Brad R.

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